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AthenaLA is a new product from Andrew James Consulting, Inc. that relieves much of the administrative nightmare of managing agent licenses and appointments.


Some of the many benefits of AthenaLA  are:

  • In-house solution; the application and the data reside internally on your network....your data is no longer maintained and limited by an outside party.

  • Data can be maintained on either Microsoft's SQL Server database management system or IBM's DB2 platform.

  • Provides a 'composite' view of an agent. Agent data is keyed by the agent's National Producer Number. So even if the agent has multiple agent numbers assigned internally, there is only a single agent master and single instances of the agent's license(s).

  • Automatic email notices to agents for upcoming license renewal, appointment renewal, and production levels.

  • State appointment fee invoice reconciliation utility.

  • Agent data can be added by users with just a last name and one other piece of agent data or can be added electronically through the web service.

  • Agents can be invoiced for fees such as non-resident appointment renewal fees in advance of the renewal date.

  • AthenaLA  can be integrated with your legacy new business system for efficient and compliant license and appointment validation. 


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